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The seminars are based on the concepts presented in Backcountry Aviation’s STOL Tip series, which has amassed over 7,000 subscribers and has been viewed a million times. The seminars will include principles of operating safely in the backcountry environment. We have had Bonazas and Cessna 210’s all the way down to J3’s and 140s. The focus is on safe comfortable operations in backcountry environments.

Photo by Bob Lipscomb, Montana Pilots Association, Glasgow, Montana

Saturday will include 5 hours of ground instruction from highly experienced instructors and pilots that will relate technical information and personal experiences intended to aid in aeronautical decision making. We will explore the facts and physics around safe operations into shorter recreational airstrips, primarily focusing on the arrival and departure phases of flight. As many recreational strips lie in mountains or confined areas, we will briefly discuss mountain operations. Sunday will be the flight portion of the seminar where we will cover the information presented during the ground segment. It will include 1.5 hours of flight time in your aircraft using the airport’s turf runway. Every effort will be made to conduct the flight training but due to travel logistics there will be no “rain date” in the event of inclement weather.

There are two options available for attendees: ground school only, offered at a discounted rate, or ground school plus flight training. The seminar size is not limited however flight training is limited to 20 seats in order to ensure that each participant receives adequate instructor time. The cost per participant is $725 for the full course or $250 for ground school only. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to secure your seat. Fees cover travel and lodging costs for the instructors. Please note, the seminar is contingent upon securing a minimum pilot commitment. If we are unable to meet the minimum pilot participation your deposit will be refunded.

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