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Backcountry Aviation strongly encourages membership with Recreation Aviation Foundation.

The RAF is a group that preserve, maintains, and creates airstrips for recreational access. We strongly believe that safe operations is just as important as any other kind of airstrip advocacy. Anytime there is an incident or an accident in the backcountry it puts undue stress on that strip.

The reason we offer these seminars at such an accessible rate is we believe proactive protection off the limited number of backcountry strips in the US is largely dependent on safe operations. In Colorado and Wyoming alone Backcountry Aviation LLC along with the RAF have protected or created 21 airstrips on both public and private lands, we would hate to see those efforts marginalized by any incidents no matter how minor. Through out our seminars we include some of the good practices that transcend flying operations, but also include good stewardship of the land . For that same reason we always respect the airstrips we use for our seminars and never go into sensitive areas.

If you have any questions about the ethics or advocacy of operations in the backcountry feel free to contact us or better yet join the RAF!